School,Colleges and Univirsities of Haripur

Haripur city has number of reputed institutions. Schools are present at each and every corner providing the quality education thus making the city one of those outstanding places and increasing the literacy rate. These schools and colleges are Govt and Private. Private institutes have increased to provide better education. In main city every street is having a private school.

Govt Institutes:
Govt Primary institutes are after every 5Km of distance most of Govt institutes have been changed to English medium schools where students are taught in English and English course  is studied.

Every town is having Primary and secondary Govt schools which have the name after each town or village. The best Govt school in haripur main city are:
Govt Centennial High School no1(Located Beside GT road, in front of main bazar)
Govt. High school no2(Located near Mohallah FerozPura and Tehsil)
Govt Girls Degree College(In main city,on college Road)
Govt Centennial High School Girls.(Beside GT Road,Beside Rahy-e-Ama Road)
Govt Girls High School No.2(It attached with Girls Degree College)
Govt Technical College Srai Salha
Post Graduate College Haripur
Govt College have many facilities including transport.
Private Primary instuties:
are numerous. Most popular are:
Merit Schooling system and College(Near Chungi no.1 KTS)
Providing Quality education for Boys and Girls from Montessori to, having facilities of boarding, transport for teachers and students, highly qualified staff, separate classes of English language and tuition and evening class, swings for children,pick and drop facility at home with a helper male and female,play grounds.this institute has got the Honour of being champion of inter colleges and district Basketball Game.
this is the biggest in area of all other private schools having air condition class, labs, computer lab is having 30 computers provided with DSL of 8mb package. Library having more than 3 thousands books of all catagory, wide classes with comfortable settings.
Out door and Indore games include carrem,chess,scraber,table tennis,cricket,basketball,football,martial arts, PT, Drill, swimming(having beautiful swimming pool),horse ridding,major games have their respective instructors.for more info visit:
Jinnan Jamya School and College
This institute of Haripur has got the honour of getting positions in B.I.S.E Abbottabad board every year in matric and since last 7 consecutive years, separate sections for boys and girls. The principal and staff are doing their best to maintain the envoirment perfect for studies,the school has three blocks named as Irsahad,Zohra and Aysha Block.each and every facility is provided to the students
including the transport services,air conditioned rooms,well equiped labs and diligent and hardworking staff.The jinah jamya school and college is on the top of the list in the whole city. It school is located on the shakar shah road.this road is famous as the lane of schools,as more than seven top listed schools are present on it which include KOSAR PUBLIC SCHOOL,BEACON HOUSE,ALI GARH PUBLIC SCHOOL,HAZARA COLLEGE,ISLAMIC INTERNATIONAL etc. all these intituitions are trying thier best to bring the haripurians on the top.Besides schools,number of colleges are present in the haripur city as well as the remote areas adjacent to it.The J.J college,as described earlier stands first and after that hazara college comes.Their are separate colleges for girls too,among which the GOVT.GIRLS DEGREE COLLEGE situated on sircular road is the oldest one and due to the best quality education and highly educated staff,the merit of college has always been much higher than any other college includind jinnah jame.The F.F college is also the one of best colleges of haripur.Among the guys the GOVT. POSTGRADUATE COLLEGE  is the best known college,giving Bsc. (and now BS degree) in each and evry discipline.The Technical Colleges are also present in Sara-e-saleh,K.T.S and haripur city,providing 6 months and 2 years diploma in various disciplines. Tip colony has its own school and college name as Telecom Public school and College. This institute is also on the top of list in all above facilities and education.
Top three well known colleges in private sector are
Jinnah Jamya School and college
Merit Schooling System and College
Pakistan International Public School and college(PIPS).


Due to the efforts of our secretary education,haripur has a honour to ahve a branch of HAZARA UNIVERSITY.this branch is located on the adjcanet side of Silk route,sawat chowk road.And no. of students are enrolled in various bachelors programs.besides,hazara universities,no. of other universities have launched their programs in the city.These universities are Presten University,Allama Iqbal Open university etc.

Tameer-E-Millat Model Public High School Khanpur

Tameer-E-Millat Model Public High School Khanpur was established in 1995 as a Primary School and Regis­tered from Education Department NWFP under Reg # 2230


The School intends to achieve its aim by providing quality education to its students through a network of an experienced and qualified staff, well equipped laboratry, Library and other allied facilities.
Special efforts are made the character building of students to make them not only the better citizen of the country but also to challenge them in­tellectually, to encourage them to think on their own and to inculcate such qualities as to make them know how to make their learning effective as well as productive.

Managing Director:
Raja Mudassar Aziz

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