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KTS is abbreviation of Khalabat Town Ship. It is a town insid haripur hazara, beside haripur city. KTS is very beautiful town because it is monitized into sectors and streets properly. It has about 4 main sectors but backward area of KTS also have some Afghan Refugees Camps in it. Most of people in backward area are Pathans(pushtu speaking). Rest of people are hazarewal who were displaced from Terbela when Terbela Dam was formed. These people were living in Terbela and government displaced them from there and provide living in KTS and also have given some handsome amount to make their rehabilitation.

Akhtar Nawaz Khan KTS

Akhtar nawaz khan - KTS

there were about 52 or 58 villages that were inhibited in place of terbela lake. They have their houses made of mud and stones, wells, streets and fields etc. Still the remains of their houses mosque, ziyarat and graves are seen when water level is dropped in summer.

Akhtar Nawaz Khan (Late) former Provincial Minister of Transpor and Fishries, who was devoted for the people of KTS made it one of the most prosperous residential area in hazara.
He was one of those peoples who were displaced from terbela. That's why he was truly devoted and sincere to people of khalabat town ship. Without any personal benefits he worked for betterment, prosperity and for better standard of living of people of KTS.
Because of his work for people he got grace, respect, fame and name very soon. He made a lot of Schools, Colleges, Technical Colleges, Hospitals, Play Grounds, Parks, constructed many Roads. Provide Buses and Vehicles for Govt. Schools and Colleges.
He gave KTS a gift of post Graduate college KTS for both girls and boys(separate). He succeeded in taking away the burden of paying of water bill from the shoulders of public who are the displaced and effected people of the Terbela Dam for lifetime in khalabat town ship and kangra as well. He was also working for taking away first 100 units of electricity but during his life he could not complete this.
As he was sincere and devoted for people and very soon he got fame all over the hazara but his enemies could not bear his success and they assassinated him(MAY ALLAH GIVE PEACE TO HIS SOUL). After him his brother named Gohar Nawaz Khan is working for people of hazara.

KTS is divided into many chowks, each chowk has its own symbol placed after it's name. Most of people are jadoons, khans, awans, and abbasi. People use to sit in bethak or deras in evening and share their problems and want to overcome if any problem they face. Besides many positive aspects people of KTS are also involved in negative activities specially selling and use of drugs. Some peoples are professional in this work and they have spoiled many of youths.


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